5 Easy Peasy Tips to Keep Office Desk Areas Clean

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The ideal office desk should always be in tip-top condition, with a fresh and clear-desk approach to the working life. No clutter, little equipment, and ideally a paperless environment.

Reality is often a little different though, even if this is just applicable to the working day before everything is trimmed back to a clear-desk policy afterwards. At the very least there iss going to be some average dust and grime to deal not to mention the visual office ‘clutter’, some more obvious than others.

Therefore, let’s have a reality check, and look at some good practice of keeping things neat and tidy. And let’s have some real simple cleaning tips that can easily be carried out by an office worker just as much as an office cleaner. Just add these into your daily routine, and this is one headache that will soon go away.

So here are 5 tip cleaning tips for keeping on top of any office desk areas:

The Dreaded Stains

Watch out for stains and marks suddenly building up – two popular sources being spilt coffee mugs and pen ink. For surfaces like white desks these can stand out like a sore thumb unfortunately.

A little bit of elbow grease with a damp cloth or even moist tissue should easily do the trick.

The Paperless Dream

Very simple, but making a massive difference – simply tidying up any kind of paperwork and filing. Even just placing in neat piles if they’re not ready for ‘in’ or ‘out’ trays will help sharpen up the appearance of things.

And don’t forget pieces of stationery and pens, they can all nicely go in a drawer or even in an empty mug out of sight.

The Floor Problem

Don’t forget to look down, and although it’s a more involved job to get a vacuum cleaner out, just watch out for obvious items on the floor, for example crumbs and litter that have fallen down, and even mud and dirt accidentally trod in.

The practical time is right at the end of the day when you’re leaving, but the ideal one is actually right at the beginning as well before you spend the rest of the day treading dirt further into the floor covering.

The Rubbish Stuff

Making sure your bins are empty is an easy win, both to make the office look better but also stop any nasty smells emerging. All it takes is the waste from a meal or shopping spree to suddenly fill things up.

So, any excess items could be taken out to a larger bin elsewhere, or if you want to go further then fully empty and replace any liners in there as well.

The Wipe Out

This is a nice finish, and although an obvious one, the detail can be missed. Go for a good ol’ wipe around surfaces, even with just a quick duster or damp cloth, and ideally with a spray to get it even smelling better as well.

You can also go the extra mile and tackle the items you might not normally think of, for example around computer keyboards or monitors, and particularly the handset of the phone which can be a breeding ground for germs.

Clean Desk, Clean Mind

So with these 5 easy cleaning tips in a cleaner’s or office worker’s routine, you’ll soon start keeping on top of things. Not only will your workspace look fantastic for yourself, colleagues, and even clients, but you’ll find your own sanity and clear-mindedness will dramatically improve.

These help practically carry out simple cleaning routines that will have bags of benefits to your own personal peace of mind and clear thinking.

Easy Cleaners provide tips and trick on all types of office and general business cleaning.