5 reasons to go to Australia on a Gap Year

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Whether you’re in your last year of school or you’re mid-way through uni and need a change, a gap year could be the option for you. Not only do they offer a whole host of benefits, but they help you to see the world through different perspectives and take you out of your comfort zone. What’s more, 90% of students who take a gap year return to college with a year, and with gap years continuing to grow in popularity, you’ll be able to meet likeminded people and make memories together. Below, we’ve rounded up just some of the reasons gap years make sense.

You’ll broaden your horizons

Taking a gap year to travel opens up a whole host of opportunities. You may decide that you’re having so much fun in Australia that you want to move there permanently, or you could learn a new skill in the country to take back home and add to your CV. Indeed, many companies now value non-traditional work and experiences, so if you’re fresh back from a gap year with a new outlook on life and you’re full of confidence and free spirit, you’ll pick up employment in no time.

You can earn some good money

There are so many jobs that you can do if you want to take a gap year in Australia, whether you work in a bar, work on promotions, become an au pair or put your experience to the test and get a full-time professional position. Australia pays well – the average household income is $66,820 (around £37,000 / $48,000 US dollars). Before you make the jump, though, you should take the time to get your head around personal income taxes by using an Australian pay calculator.

There’s no language barrier

It’s pretty great when you can travel to the other side of the world without having to worry about learning a new language. Whether you’re planning on working for a year or you simply want to have fun and travel whilst meeting new people, you can rest in the knowledge that you’ll be with people who also speak English. It makes it easier to make friends, find work and explore.

It’s easy to get a Visa

If you’re planning on working whilst you travel, then you’ll need to apply for a Working Holiday Visa. You’ll need to check specific requirements depending on your home country, but you’ll need to be single, childless, be able to speak English, be between the ages of 18 and 30, and be able to prove that you have at least $5000 Australian dollars for living and travel expenses. Aside from that, it’s pretty easy to get a Visa, which costs around $450 Australian dollars.

There’s so much to see

Let’s face it: the real reason why you want to take a gap year is to experience new cultures and take in some sights – and boy does Australia have some sights! From the stunning Great Barrier Reef, which is the largest living thing on Earth, through to the landmark Sydney Opera House, which is one of the 20th century’s most famous and distinctive buildings. There’s also the Uluru, a breathtaking sandstone monolith, and Whitsunday Islands, teeming with marine life. No matter what you’re looking to do, there’s something in Australia – give it a go and see what happens!

Whatever you decide to do, we wish you the best of luck!