5 awesome career paths to consider after graduating

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Whether you’re in your first year of college or you’re close to graduating, the idea of leaving the comfort and familiarity of a university to going it on your own can be tough. Therefore, having a clear plan in place will allow you to leave your course with confidence, knowing you’ve got something lined up for after you graduate.

The truth is that every course and student is different, but there are several popular career paths to consider if you need some inspiration. Below, we’ve rounded up five of the very best to give you some food for thought.

Digital marketing

Whether you’ve been studying art, design, journalism, management or business, digital marketing is a career path that many graduates choose to enter into. With so many well-paying digital marketing jobs to consider, and a whole host of career offshoots (management, business development, sales, public speaking, training, etc), there’s no reason why marketing shouldn’t be one of your top career options post-graduation.


If you’ve got the gift of the gab and want to spend time selling products and services to the general public, then you may choose to go into sales. Whilst you don’t necessarily need a degree to get into a sales role, many firms now ask for candidates to be qualified in some sort of degree to prove their commitment and work ethic. You could do your degree in Scientology, for example, but end up selling windows and doors. The best part? Sales jobs are very easy to find and often pay commission, topping up your base salary and allowing you to pay off your student debt/save up.


Sure, this one isn’t for everyone, but getting into the police or emergency services is another great career path to consider post-University, as it’s a job for life and allows you to put your professional skills to the test. Whether you’re interested in Criminology or simply want to make a difference in your community, joining the police makes sense.


Why not help people find jobs? As a graduate, you’ll likely find that there are a whole host of roles for people in the recruitment sector, and no experience is needed to get started. You can earn a commission as you find candidates and clients, and many recruitment jobs offer strong career development – you could enter a managerial position or move into HR or marketing if you’re not interested in a long-term recruitment role after a couple of years.


If you’ve been inspired by your teachers and lecturers, then consider entering into the profession when you graduate. In the United Kingdom, schemes are in place that offers training and development and a competitive salary, and the best part is that you won’t be locked into a career for life. Many teachers move into leadership roles such as working in an industry, running their own businesses or even progressing up the career ladder to become a head teacher. In the teaching world, the possibilities are virtually endless, so give it a go and see what happens…

Let us know which career path you decide to take, and feel free to recommend your own!