Christmas gift ideas for those on a budget

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This year, unlike any other, we want to have a Christmas to remember. 2021 has been a challenging year, and with the threat of the omicron variant spreading quickly, it’s important that we can spend some time with our loved ones before any potential lockdown restrictions are put in place in the New Year. But if you’re feeling the pinch this Christmas, as many of us are, fear not: you can still give loved ones great gifts without breaking the bank, and we’ve put together some amazing gift ideas in today’s article…

Book of promises

One of the cutest gift ideas we’ve seen in recent times is a ‘book of promises’ that allow you to make a number of promises to loved ones. It could be taking them out for a meal, cooking dinner, washing the car, or even going for a walk together. The best part is that it’s cheap to make and you can spread out your gift throughout the year – even a voucher for an hour-long FaceTime call will show loved ones you care about them, and it’ll only cost you a cute book and some fancy felt-tip pens to put together. Get creative, folks!


Whether you have a picture of your loved ones printed onto a canvas or you consider¬†alphabet art and have your mum’s initials put in a frame, there are lots of ways that you can use artwork to create a fancy Christmas gift. One of the best things about artwork is that it’s personal and will serve as a permanent reminder of you – even if it wasn’t you who created it. Shop around and find a piece that works for you.

A poem

If you want to put your English Language degree to the test, why not write your loved ones a poem or a song that they can display at home? Something so personal is sure to grab the attention of mum and dad and make them cry, and it’s a cute way to show them just how much you care. If you’re into music, putting down your thoughts for your partner into a song is another great idea – record a demo on a CD for them!

A night away

If your budget can’t stretch to a week in the sun but it can to a night away in the city, consider booking a hotel room and a restaurant and making it a night to remember. Whether you choose London and watch a West End show, or you head up North to a city like York, there are so many amazing places you need to explore in our country. Tick a couple off your bucket list and your loved one will be super grateful!

Do you have any other ideas? Let us know and check back soon for more.