Great gift ideas to give to your loved one to take to university

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If your son, daughter or partner is heading off to university this September, you might want to think about giving them a parting gift. Indeed, having something that they can remember you by when they’re miles away from home can help to reduce homesickness and help them settle in.

Below, we’ve put together some of the best gift ideas to consider; let us know what you think!


A forever rose

If you’re looking for a unique and unusual gift that your daughter or girlfriend will love, then consider a forever rose from Notta & Belle.

These handmade roses, perfect for girls and women, make for a stunning gift and will look great in any bedroom, study or student dormitory.

The best part about this gift is that these roles are kept in a glass dome and will last for at least five years. Thanks to special processing technology, these roses don’t need to be watered and can live anywhere, provided they’re not placed directly in the sun.

What’s more, the rose is not in a vacuum, but rather in a dome, meaning it can be removed to be touched. Available in 18 colours and three sizes, you’re bound to find a forever rose that will last the whole of university.


A photo frame

Another way that you can show your loved ones that you care about them is through a photo frame.

Sure, we all have an Instagram account and we FaceTime our friends and family wherever we end up, but having a physical photo frame can make a room feel more personal and give your loved one something to look at when they’re stressed with exams or coursework.

Of course, you could consider a digital photo frame, that will change and show off a variety of shots, or you could create a montage of your favourite images and put them together in one single frame.

If your girlfriend or boyfriend is off to university, then you could even buy them a cushion with your face on, so that they have something to cuddle when they’re missing you.


A gift voucher

Being a student doesn’t come cheap.

Yes, student loans are great and let young people relax for the first few months of their course, but daily living costs for groceries and eating out can be expensive. If you want to ensure your loved one doesn’t have to worry about their weekly food shop, then you could buy them a gift voucher for a local supermarket to help them stock up.

Alternatively, you could top-up a prepaid credit card to give your loved one the funds they need to have a good night out in town. Facebook Messenger and Apple iMessage also allow you to send payments in seconds, so the chances are you won’t even need a credit card to treat them!


Are you treating your loved one to something special before they head off to uni? Whatever you buy, make sure it’s something personable or useful, and remember that they will likely have limited space in their student accommodation, so be very sensible when purchasing large items.