How to make writing an essay easier

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As a student you will be tasked with writing numerous essays over the course of your degree. The first few that you write can be very daunting. There is so much to bear in mind. You must have the right academic tone and style, also grammar, spelling and punctuation must be spot on – after all, marks can be deducted for poor grammar.

Many students don’t realise this. How many marks? Well according to most universities up to 10 % of your essay mark can be influenced by poor grammar, spelling and punctuation. You don’t want to throw marks away needlessly. Of course, you will improve your academic writing over time, but you can accelerate the process by using the help of essay proofreading experts who will make sure your grammar and sentence structure are polished.

These are highly experienced academic editors who give you useful and helpful feedback on your essay. They highlight the errors you make so you can quickly improve your writing and start getting better marks sooner than learning by your own trial-and-error efforts.

Of course, you will have to pay for an essay or dissertation editing service. But it is worth the cost because of the years of experience and academic background of the editors.

Another way to improve your academic writing is by avoiding common mistakes such as using ‘researches’ as a plural of ‘research’. You should rather write ‘several research studies’ for example or ‘several pieces of research’. Another common mistake is to pad out your work to reach a word count. You add lots of filler words such as ‘in order to’ when ‘to’ will suffice or ‘to take in to account’ when ‘consider’ will do.

Or you can simply read your essay aloud and that will help you discern errors that you have made. This is simply because your brain processes the words differently when you read aloud compared to when you read and this helps unearth mistakes.