Try some traditional Malaysian food whilst at university

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Malaysia located in the continent of Asia where it  covers 328,657 square kilometers of land and 1,190 square kilometers of water, making it the 67th largest nation in the world with a total area of 329,847 square kilometers.

Malaysia is a gastronomic delight with a wide variety of foods and dishes. With citizens from three large ethnic groups namely  Malay, Chinese and Indian, each ethnic has their own food with mix of flavours and outstanding recipes.

Malay Food, Chinese Food, Indian Food and Thai food are all common in Malaysia. Each ethnic group tends to eat foods associated with their group.

Eating out is very common in Malaysia.  The biggest part of the citizens seldom cooks at home. The main reason is that eating out is generally cheaper than buying ingredients at the supermarket and cooking your own dishes. Another reason is that eating outside is part of the Malaysian (and other Asian) culture, there is no better place to get in touch with friends and relatives than during a delicious meal.

Most dishes in Malaysia are either based on rice or noodles.

Malay dishes often contains beef, chicken, mutton or fish; but never pork as Malay food needs to be halal.

Chinese dishes often contains pork.

Indian dishes are often vegetarian; and they never contain beef (though Indians do eat chicken, mutton and fish). Most dishes will be served with some vegetables; either mixed through the dish or served as a side dish.

In Malaysia, you can see hawkers of many different populations right next to each other. This means you can buy Malay food, Chinese food, Indian food and sometimes even western dishes all in the same food court.

Mamak ( Indian Muslims) stalls tend to be popular among Malaysian youth as spots to chill, mainly due to the cheap food and beverages being served 24/7. People of all races, religions and ages frequent Mamak stalls to get-together while enjoying a cup of hot teh tarik (Hot Tea). The quality of the food is very high in Malaysia, mainly because food is prepared fresh before your eyes.