5 ideas for an afternoon out with your pals that won’t break the bank

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When you’re not busy studying for exams or sitting in a lecture theatre waiting for the day to end, the chances are that you’ll want to spend some time with your new uni pals. Though the best way to spend time together and save money is to start a study group or invite them round for dinner, we’ve rounded up a few fun activities that you can enjoy with your new friends that get you away from campus without breaking the bank…

Afternoon on the beach

If you’re lucky enough to be studying in a town that’s close to a beach, you could organise a fun afternoon together, watching the tide go out and having a couple of drinks together. You should always take a bag so you can collect any rubbish you’ve made, and if you’re feeling really environmentally conscious, you could turn your trip to the beach into a litter-picking exercise. It’s good fun and it helps you do your bit to save our oceans.

A round of golf

You don’t need to spend a fortune to play a round of golf. Although most clubs have expensive membership packages, they also offer one-off sessions for beginners, and you can even rent equipment. If you’re passionate about golfing and want to take it to the next level, visit Auchterlonies, one of the many golf shops in St Andrews Scotland that offer pre-owned equipment. You can have the very best golf clubs and accessories and save money to spend on memberships and transport.

A shopping trip

Got money left over in your bank account and your next student loan is due tomorrow? Why not organise a shopping trip with your pals, hitting the high street and taking advantage of your student discount card? The best way to have fun and shop without getting into debt is to set a clear budget and stick to it. Don’t buy things for the sake of it and consider making a list of things you actually do need.

Mystery tour

Got a friend with a car? All pitch in £10 for petrol and choose a random destination an hour away from your campus. You’ll all get to see a different part of the country and make some memories as you go. Whether you walk in the woods, get lost in the city centre, or spend some time at a seaside resort eating fish and chips and candyfloss, sometimes the best days out are the ones that aren’t really planned.

Visit a theme park

Most UK theme parks offer great discounts for students, including Thorpe Park, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, and Flamingo Land. Organise a trip to one of your favourites and challenge each other to try out the toughest rides and attractions. You’ll have lots of fun and someone will be there to hold your hand if things get too much for you!

Do you have any other ideas? Let us know and check back soon for more.