5 simple ways to save money as a student

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Whether you’re in school, college or university, being a student can be an expensive business. On top of the school supplies you’ll need, like stationery, books and a laptop, there’s the cost of living in student accommodation, food and socialising with your friends.

Today, we’re putting together five of the simplest ways that you can save money as a student.


Sell unwanted stuff

The chances are that you have hundreds of pounds worth of technology, books, games and furniture lying around your house, so what better way to get rid of them all than by selling them? There are so many ways that you can sell unwanted stuff, but the most popular nowadays include Facebook Marketplace and eBay. Put your items up for sale and ask people to bid – or choose a price outright and wait for people to get in touch with you. If you live in a university city, then you’ll be able to find buyers for furniture and textbooks within days, so don’t delay!


Move back home

This point is targeted towards students who are studying in their hometowns or close to home rather than those who are living far away. If you’re renting an apartment or living in halls while you’re at university, then consider the benefits of moving back home with your parents. Sure, you’ll be giving up some of your freedom and independence, and it might make it more challenging to make new friends and go on nights out, but living at home can save you thousands of pounds per year – and mean that your cooking and washing will be done for you.


Walk to classes

We get it: after a heavy night out on town, getting up early and sitting on the bus or walking to your lecture can seem like an impossible task. Because of this, you might choose to get in the car, hire a taxi or book an Uber to get to your class – but doing so can be expensive. Instead, walk to your classes, or buy a bike and get there in style. It might take you a little bit longer, but walking is good for you, and can save you a fortune over time. What’s more, while you’re walking to classes, you can listen to podcasts and audiobooks that will enhance your learning.


Make your own lunches

Subway, McDonalds and Nando’s are popular lunchtime treats for students, and with a student card, it’s easy to save money when you’re out and about. But eating out can be seriously expensive, especially if you’re grabbing lunch on the go and don’t really care what you’re eating. Making food at home is a sensible idea, as it allows you to make something relatively healthy and inexpensive, and save you time during the day when you should be studying. And a quick fact; if your University has three ten-week terms and you buy a meal deal for £4 per day, you’d be spending more than £600 a year on lunches. Buy your own bread and fillings at home, and you could save HUNDREDS of pounds in food bills alone. It’s a serious saving that cannot be ignored.


There are hundreds of money-saving ideas for students, but today we thought we’d round up five of the most obvious and commonly-overlooked ones. Let us know how you get on – we’d love to hear from you!