5 money-saving tips for students going back to uni

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Whether you’re getting off to university for the first time this year or you’re heading back for another term, the chances are that you’ll have lots of things to buy – and your bank balance may even be looking a little worse for wear. In today’s article, we’ve put together some top money-saving tips for students on their way back to uni. Read on and save hundreds!


Use promo codes

If you’re a money saving expert like us, you’ll probably agree with us when we say that the best thing about the internet is its promo codes. Whether you’re looking for a special offer on your weekend takeaway or you’re trying to get free delivery on your clothes shop, it’s always good fun when you pick up a bargain. As well as using your student discount card wherever you go, you should look out for promo codes for websites that you use for everyday items. Wish promo codes, for example, help you save up to 90% on your shop. What a bargain!


Buy in bulk

Another great way to save some money is to buy your products in bulk. Rather than splashing out on an expensive shampoo every six weeks, buy a salon sized bottle. Sure, you might end up paying £20 for a bottle rather than your usual £7.50, but it’ll last you five or six times as long. The same can be said for everyday essentials – stock up on healthy snacks like nuts and bars in bulk, as well as essentials such as toilet roll, tissue paper and bin bags.

You might need to spend a fortune to get everything you need at the start of term, but once you do, you won’t need to keep running to the shops to top up, as you’ll have endless supplies for the whole term. Oh, and be sure to look out for discounts and stock up when you see them.


Get a cab with friends

If you’re always spending money on getting taxis and cabs to the cinema, into town and on your nights out, then consider asking your friends to pair up. Splitting the bill of a taxi, or using a ride-sharing app like Uber or Lyft, will save you a fortune throughout the term. Better still, invest in a bike or a boosted board and make your way to wherever you need to be on foot. You might get wet when it’s raining, but you’ll keep fit and won’t have to spend money on gym membership!


Check out charity shops

Another awesome way to save money when you’re looking for new clothes is to buy from charity shops. You sometimes have to shop around, and you won’t necessarily find everything you need in one go, but they’re great fun. Not only are the clothes and accessories super cheap because they’re second hand, but you’ll be giving to a good cause and will feel great when you’re rocking up on campus wearing a stunning dress, knowing you’re a charitable queen too.


Sell stuff you don’t need

Got a dormitory full of old books and accessories that you no longer need? New textbooks can be expensive, so let first years know that you’re selling yours for half price. That’ll help you make some money back from books and papers that you’re no longer in need of, and you’ll be helping out another cash-strapped student who doesn’t have the funds to buy new books.


What do you do to save money? Let us know on Twitter using @StudentDaysUK.