Seven Top Tips To Reduce Stress And Feel Energized At Work

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For the majority of us, sitting a desk for at least forty hours per week is the norm.  We stare at computer screens, use a mouse and type away on our keyboards.  All of these restricted, repetitive actions can caused lower back strain, headaches and can result in feelings of exhaustion.

We all have many tasks we need to complete each day, but we should not forget about our physical and mental health in the process.  It is not possible to put 100% into your work and personal life if you are not taking care of your well-being.  This is when self-care at work becomes essential.

Below are some small adjustments that you can make during the day to reduce feelings of stress, feel healthier, and have enough energy to exercise after the work day ends

#1:  Do Not Skip Breakfast!

Before heading to work, it is important that you have an energizing and filling breakfast.  This will ensure you remain alert and focused on the work tasks presented.  Some healthy breakfast options include steel cut oats, oatmeal, organic eggs made anyway you like on whole grain toast, or a green smoothie blended using spinach, kale, bananas and other fruits.

#2:  Don’t Sit All Day

Sitting throughout the day is not good for a person’s body.  Try doing what you normally do when sitting down, but do it while standing up.  You could make a telephone call or type when standing up instead of sitting at your desk.  The more a person stands during the day, the better their body feels when the work day ends – that’s a proven fact.  Also, try to take a walk around the office each hour to stretch your legs and get water.

#3: Get Better Sleep

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man, healthy, wealthy and wise. There’s a lot of truth in it, so try to get a better night’s sleep. A new mattress like this from Forty Winks could be ideal.

#4:  Stretch At The Desk

Stretching doesn’t need to be a complicated task, and there are some simple stretches that you can complete at work to keep your body pain-free.

• Shoulder Rolls

One simple stretch you can do at your desk is rolling your shoulders back and forth every twenty minutes.  People tend to hold most of their tension in the shoulders; therefore, you should envision the stressful project you are working on rolling off your body with each shoulder roll.

• Stretch The Neck

Tilt your right ear to your right shoulder and hold this position for approximately ten seconds.  Then do the same to the left side by bringing your left ear to your left shoulder for ten seconds.  Try doing this each hour to avoid any stiffness in your neck.

• Stretch Your Shoulders And Arms

It is important to stretch the shoulders and arms to avoid stiffness in this area.  This can be done by interlocking your hands behind your back and straightening your arms.  The action should immediately stretch the arms and shoulders.

• Release Your Lower Back

Releasing your lower back can be done by completing a seated forward fold at the desk.  Sit in your office chair and merely hang over your legs with your arms dangling at your side – this will relax your lower back and stretch the back area.  You can also do this standing up.

• Sit Straight Up

Posture is essential when sitting for hours at a computer; therefore, it is important that you sit up straight with your feet on the ground.

#5:  Eat Healthier Snacks

Try to avoid the vending machines at work.  While it is tempting to buy something from these machines, they are typically filled with items packed with artificial ingredients and white carbohydrates.  Tasty treats, but the poor ingredients will reduce your energy levels and leave you feeling exhausted.  Instead, you should eat healthier snacks and keep treats like almonds in your drawer.  A handful of almonds can provide you with protein to boost energy and increase your stamina.

#6:  Remain Hydrated With Water

One of the most significant tips to reduce stress at work is to drink water.  A person’s body is mostly water; therefore, to function optimally, it is important that we remain hydrated.  Aim to drink at least a single glass of water per hour.  This will ensure your energy levels are stable, and it is a good excuse to walk away from your desk to go get some water and stretch your legs.

#7:  Maintain Good Eye Health

While you may be staring into a computer for most of the day, try not to stare at the screen all day.  Good practice is to look away from the screen every twenty minutes and stare at something in the distance.  This will allow your eyes a break from being close to the computer screen.  If you don’t have things to stare at in the distance, try closing your eyes every twenty minutes – whatever feels best for your eyeballs.

#8:  Enjoy Your Lunch

Many people choose to each lunch at their desk, eating it too quickly and feeling bloated afterwards.  To maintain good health, it is recommended that you take your break away from your desk and eat healthier meals, such as salads or soups.  By enjoying your lunch break, you can recharge your mind and body preparing it to tackle projects.